Sunday, October 23, 2011

New to Me: Cool Blogs


Have you ever found a book on a library shelf and thought, “Why the hell is this part of the collection?” This blog narrates the decision making process librarians go through in deciding to keep or weed a book like the gem pictured here.

Whenever I get the chance to go to a library book sale, I search for misfits like the books featured on this blog. I bought my favorite cheesy novel, Audrey Rose, at a library book sale. Apparently there’s a sequel to and a movie version of Audrey Rose. Off to update my Netflix queue!

The F Bomb

(Riot Grrrl zine show at Goteblud. Image via larrybofsf)

 The authors say The is a blog/community created by and for teenage girls who care about their rights as women and want to be heard. All young feminists who are just a little bit pissed off and very outspoken are more than welcome here.”

I could have used a site like this when I was a high school debater, one of a handful of young women in a sea of guys. One of the worst comments I ever got from a male judge was “the shorter the skirts, the higher the points.” Yeah.  Growing up as a feminist in the proto-internet era, there were lots of available resources about feminism. But beyond my circle of friends, there weren’t really any avenues to share my experiences, and to hear other girls’ experiences. It was the Riot Grrl era, but I never even saw a zine until years later. Anyway. The F bomb. Check it out.

Lots of people think about who’d they pick to play the characters in their favorite book, but this blog actually goes the extra step and shares the fantasy. The casting is usually spot on. At left is who Gina, the blog's author, chose to play Rhine in Wither.

 Fantasy casting connects back to writing for me.  I'm not a very visual person, so I have to work harder to "see" my characters. I often visualize a character as someone I’m familiar with, whether it’s in real life or TV/movies.Sometimes I even search for a Google pic of someone who looks like my character. If I find a good one, I'll stick it up on my magnetic board, for inspiration.  


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