Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Advent Calendar

"Silent Night" is my favorite Christmas carol.  There are a billion iterations out there, but here is one that is both off the wall and sung beautifully.  In the first clip, Sinead O'Connor is singing the carol dressed as Little Bo Peep, in a scene from an obscure 1991 movie titled "The Ghosts of Oxford Street." I would really have preferred just to watch Sinead O'Connor in a bonnet for the duration of the song, but hey, I'll take what I can get.  The second version is the bits of Sinead singing in"The Ghosts of Oxford Street" edited together with nativity scenes.

Death match of the Sinead O'Onnor "Silent Night" Youtubes: which version gets your vote?

 "The Ghosts of Oxford Street":

"Creative" Nativity adaptation:


  1. I imagined the second clip was gonna have pictures of people's shabby real-life nativity scenes that they've participated in or constructed, like the kind we had as kids that included the occasional dinosaur. And THAT video, if it existed, would get my vote.

    My favorite Christmas carol (traditional) is Little Drummer Boy, and is there any doubt that the Joan Jett version is the best?

  2. I had never heard that version before! Love it. I want to be Joan Jett when I grow up.

    The two versions above both sort of equally suck, but I'm mesmerized by Sinead O'Connor in the bonnet.