Saturday, December 10, 2011

Advent Calendar

 Most Christmas movies are family friendly: overly sentimental, sickeningly sweet, predictable and boring.  If you're in the mood for something a little different, here are ten Christmas movies that are just for adults. 

I'm not suggesting that all of these are quality flicks. Some of them are god awful. But sometimes bad is just what you're looking for--and if that's the case, I suggest numbers four and eight.

The titles are linked to their IMDB entries, when available.

(Original 1974 version available on Netflix DVD. There's also a 2006 remake available on Amazon Instant and Netflix DVD)

(Image courtesy of Netflix)

2. The Flaming Lips: Christmas on Mars
(Available on iTunes and Netflix DVD)
(Image courtesy of Netflix)

(Available on iTunes and Netflix DVD)

(Image courtesy of Netflix)

4. A Christmas Family Tragedy
(Available through Blockbuster by mail)
(Image via Netflix)

(Available on iTunes and Netflix Streaming)
(Image via Netflix)

(Available on iTunes and through Blockbuster by mail
(Image via Bl

7. Christmas Time in South Park
(Compilation of all the Christmas episodes, available on iTunes and Netflix Streaming)
(Image courtesy of Netflix

(Available on Netflix Streaming)
(Image courtesy of Netflix)

9. A Christmas Tale
(Version directed by Paco Plaza; available on iTunes and Amazon Instant)

(Image via Amazon)

 (Available on Netflix DVD and Blockbuster by mail)

(Image courtesy of StewWriter)


  1. haha I think about the advent calendar in Bad Santa every time I read one of these posts (they are all winners).

  2. That was great. Now I kind of aspire to make one of my posts a candy corn.

  3. To be honest, Bad Santa probably is my favorite Christmas movie. I don't know what that says about me! Of course, Lauren Graham is in it, and I am a big-time Gilmore Girls fan from way back.

  4. Yes, Gilmore Girls was amazing. Although it sucked when Amy Palladino left and the last season was blah.

    I've seen Bad Santa, but I don't remember much of it.

    By the way, would you possibly be interested in critiquing something super short for me? Phoebe says you're a good beta reader.

  5. I thought it was disturbing that Amy Palladino's contract wasn't renewed for the last season since the show was so strongly in her voice that bringing in somebody else to finish it was, to me, tantamount to having somebody other than the author write the last chapter of a novel. It leaves you with this feeling of like, "Okay, but what REALLY happened??" Having said that, I thought the show was sort of in decline after Rori left for college.

    re: beta reading: OF COURSE, I'd love to. You can email me at