Thursday, February 2, 2012

Third Sentence Thursday: GODDESS INTERRUPTED

Time to play Third Sentence Thursday, a blog game (somehow I prefer this description to "meme") hosted by Proud Brook Nerd.  Here are the rules: "take the book you are currently reading and post the third sentence of the third chapter. Feel free to share one or two of the following sentences, if you’d like."
I'm reading Goddess Interrupted (courtesy of NetGalley). It is amazing! But I'm not going to say any more about it, because I'm going to be writing a review of it in a few days. I will share that I keep mentally putting a comma between "goddess" and "interrupted." My stubborn brain wants to draw a parallel between this title and "Girl, Interrupted." 

Rest assured that the only parallel between the two books is the title in which a word beginning with the letter "g" precedes the word interrupted. Kate does not get committed to a psychiatric hospital. On to the sentence!

The third of the third:

 "But one of the major perks of being immortal was not worrying about pesky things like blood and death."

This sentence isn't terribly illuminating in terms of plot if you've read The Goddess Test. It does, however, have a word that I like more than most: "pesky." If there was a spectrum of word love, based mostly on sound, with "panties" being a 0 and words like "ampersand" and "aquamarine" being a 10, "pesky" gets a solid 8.


  1. Seems a little boring to use the word "death" after using the word immortal. Immortal pretty much explains itself while the use of "blood" seems perfectly "pesky."

  2. Yeah, I think it works better in context, in contrast to some other sentences I've read that encapsulate problems with the writing. Since one of the immortal characters is threatened with death, the newly immortal character reflecting on it works for me.

    That, and perhaps Carter is trying to get new readers up to speed. I haven't thought much about how she handles that in this 2nd book, so it'll be worth thinking about.

  3. That is a great sentence, and I think it's awesome how it talks about death and blood so lightly. Must be nice to be immortal! This is definitely a series I'd love to read!

    Thanks for playing along!