Tuesday, February 7, 2012

William Blake!

One of my favorite movies about love (and baseball) is Bull Durham. In the following scene, the characters are arguing about, well, everything, including a line from one of William Blake's books, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.  While I can't really recommend the work, I'm crazy about the way this scene uses the idea of his poetry.

Also, I aspire to be Susan Sarandon's character. Since she's got a good 5-10 years on me, it may actually be a realistic goal. I probably only need 2-3 years to acquire a Southern accent, gussy up my wardrobe, learn about baseball and memorize a selection of pithy aphorisms from the Romantic poets.


  1. Yep, one of my all-time favorites, too. I drove past the stadium back in '96.

  2. Cool! I'm putting that ballpark on my fantasy road trip of the U.S.