Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feature and Follow Friday #16

Feature & Follow Friday is a weekly social blog hop between book bloggers. There are two regular hosts: Parajunkee and Alison of Alison Can Read, and two special guest hosts every week. If you want to join in, click on either of their blogs to get the details. The FF question of the day is: 

Q: Fight! Fight! If you could have two fictional characters battle it out (preferably from books), who would they be and who do you think would win?


Oh, this is a tough one for me. Since "The Hunger Games" has been omnipresent lately, I have to go with Katniss Everdeen for one of my fighters. I love her ruthlessness, intelligence and heart. But choosing her opponent is slightly more challenging. In the YA Heroine Tournament, Katniss was paired with Tessa Gray from Cassandra Clare's "Clockwork" series. I just finished reading "Clockwork Prince," and while I really like Tessa, I don't think she'd stand a chance in any battle involving physical competition.

Keeping the fight within the YA realm, I'm going to go with Lila Zacharov from Holly Black's "Curseworkers" series. I was really surprised that she didn't even make it into competition in the Heroine Tournament. Lila's just as tough as Katniss. She's also killed, and like Katniss, has a lot to fight for and against in her life. 

Reluctantly, I have to give Lila a slight edge over Katniss. I think Lila would win since she makes the choice to enter a violent lifestyle, while Katniss was forced by circumstances to become who she became. I'm reluctant because really, these two heroines are very evenly matched. I'd rather see them team up and light their respective fictional worlds on fire than fight each other!


  1. Hopping through. I think Lila might win. She's really fierce.
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  2. I agree, I definitely think Lila would win! She's awesome, and she could use her abilities to beat Katniss. Sorry, Katniss, but your butt would be whooped! XD

    Great blog, by the way!

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  3. Haven't read these two in books, but sounds like a great fight!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  4. I haven't read either of these books. Blasphemy, I know. Anyway, new follower!

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  5. Haha, yeah. Tessa really wouldn't stand a chance. She'd probably faint.. ;D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

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