Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Programming Note: Christmas!

(Image courtesy of La Mama Naturale')  

You know how every December when you were a kid, you got an Advent calendar? (Maybe not every “you,” and maybe not every December, but bear with me here).   

(Image via of Making This Home)
Opening every little door of that beautiful rectangle led you one day closer to Christmas.  

Even though the chocolate candy inside was suspiciously stale and neutral in taste, it was exciting to see the shape the candy was molded into. 

Bird? Reindeer? Trumpet? Indecipherable amorphous blob?

Being a hopeless nostalgic, I’m doing a blog Advent calendar. No chocolate will emerge from your screen after the jump, sadly. But there will be something behind the picture “door," every day between December 1 and Christmas.

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