Sunday, November 27, 2011

New to Me: Rebecca Martinez

I'm a big fan of art that makes me feel uncomfortable (Sally Mann, for one). I discovered Rebecca Martinez today, via this article, and had to share: her photographs featuring Reborn dolls are amazing.

If you're feeling crafty this holiday season, there's a frightening amount of information out there about how to make your own Reborn doll, though I have a feeling most of us won't be able to use one to create art as cool as Rebecca Martinez has.

Finally, free association takes me to P.D. James' novel Children of Men (yes, the movie was better but the book has its moments). There's a scene in the book where childless couples bring kittens and dolls to church to baptize them. I'm calling it now: when the apocalypse of infertility comes, we'll all be clutching our own little Reborn.


  1. I'm gonna make one of these, and then have a baby shower for myself. By myself.

  2. Haha. Rebecca Martinez will beg to come!