Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Advent Calendar

With only 4 days left until Christmas, the Advent Calendar is winding down. There’s been day after day of traditional treats behind the doors. But tonight, instead of a pressed chocolate candy, I’m presenting something akin to a Kinder Egg. I’ll let you decide which is the chocolate and which is the toy.

Tonight’s hypothetical holiday situation: you are a billionaire who is obsessed with snow globes. You have discovered that every year, various locales create enormous outdoor snow globes. Where will you go? Which globe is the best, and why? Below is a map which will help you virtually jet around the world to judge the globes. I’m still contemplating my choice. It’s tough being a hypothetical billionaire.

On completely different note, as promised, tonight also brings a DIY menorah project. 

Type/Materials: All kinds of electronic techie stuff
Difficulty Level: Expert
Advantages:  You'll impress your friends
Disadvantages: No fire

(Image and project instructions via oskay)

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