Thursday, December 22, 2011

Advent Calendar

 Happy Winter Solstice! I plan to celebrate by listening to Annie Finch read her poem, "Winter Solstice Chant" on repeat, while staring at a picture of Stonehenge by candle light. Try it: it's very spooky; almost makes you feel like a Druid.

(Image courtesy of mark_whatmough)

If this ritual's not active enough for you, you can always try building your own Stonehenge in the backyard, as this individual did:

(Image courtesy of bjosefowicz)

Speaking of making things, here's the last in the DIY series of menorahs:

Type/Materials: Matchbox and paper
Difficulty Level: Simple
Advantages:  Fire!
Disadvantages: All the candles will burn at once

(Image via kerim)

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