Friday, December 23, 2011

Advent Calendar

All right, folks. We’re down to the wire. With less than 48 hours left until Christmas, many of you are running around frantically trying to complete all of your holiday preparations. If you’re anything like me, navigating large mobs of frantic people, whether it’s at the mall or the grocery store, leaches all your energy.  Add a long list of things to do, and the day sucks even before you get out of bed.

What you need are a few Pixie Stix songs. Guaranteed to give you a killer rush of giddiness, they're not necessarily sophisticated or cool. They're fun, hop you up, and leave a good taste in your mouth (or ears. Whatever).

To gain maximum battery charge, listen to them cranked up while drinking caffeine. But even while you’re navigating between parking lots filled with crazy people, as your cup of coffee has grown cold in your cup holder, they can give you a little bump.

*"The Luck You Got," by The High Strung, off of Moxie Bravo

*"Flathead" by The Fratellis, from Flathead-EP

*"Devil in Me" by the 22-20s, from self-titled album

*"You're No Rock 'n' Roll Fun" by Sleator-Kinney, off of All Hands On the Bad One

*"Jealousy" by Liz Phair, from Whip-Smart

*"Let There Be Rock" by Drive By Truckers, from Southern Rock Opera

*"Sick of You" by Cake, from Showroom of Compassion

*"Chain of Fools," by Aretha Franklin, off of The Best of Aretha Franklin

*"Freedom," by Tegan and Sara, from This Business of Art

*"Laid," by James, from Laid

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