Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Which I Am The Last Person In The World To Notice: Curseworkers Cover Editions

 I should preface this discussion of the Curseworkers series covers by saying that I'm a big Holly Black fan girl, and thus am more interested in the covers of this series than may be proportionate.

Or maybe I just don't like change.

But I'm not really feeling the new covers of the Curseworkers series that are being released when the final book in the trilogy   comes out in April 2012. The new cover will join two previous cover versions of WHITE CAT.

I'm late to the book blogger party in discussing the cover changes, but the whiplash I'm experiencing between the different versions is so severe, I feel compelled to share.

It seems clear that the various cover designers don't consider any one element to be an essential in the visual representation of the story.  I thought the first one was fun, but not exceptional. I abhor the UK version with the little cat by its lonesome, and I'm just mystified by the latest swirly iteration. So why not throw my hat into the ring?

At right is my tongue in cheek take on the WHITE CAT cover, borrowing heavily from the cover of ANYTHING ELSE BUT LOVE by Ankita Chadha.


  1. I'm a White Cat fan girl, too. :) I love the cat's eyes on your cover.
    And I kinda like the swirly one.

    1. Lila is watching all of us! I'm so excited for the third book.

  2. I kind of like the new covers only because I like more abstract cover art as opposed to having Cassel on the cover. Not that he isn't easy on the eyes :)

    1. Yeah, since the cover version of Cassel doesn't match the book description, I can see why they'd move away from it. I guess I just find the swirls confusing.