Monday, March 12, 2012

Two Kinds of People

I find it difficult to transition from the weekend to the work-for-pay week. (Writing is a constant, so happily Monday isn't different from any other day.) "Springing forward" just makes the beginning of the week all the more hellish.

Sometimes musing on happy things helps bridge the gap between weekend freedom and week day drudgery.

But sometimes reading about happy things on a Monday makes you want to swallow razor blades. If you're a metal object person, you'll probably want to skip to the end now.

For the optimists, here are some awesome things that have happened lately that made me happy. I hope they make you happy.

Kerri Maniscalco got an agent! I know Kerri only online, but she is a really awesome person who was blogging to inspire other writers long before she got signed. Her 5 Things You Can Be Proud of Right Now post is exactly what you need to read when you hit the writer's slough of despair and self loathing. Her Twitter focuses on inspiring but not insipid quotes. I'll be keeping close tabs on when Kerri's novel will making its way to us. 

The Vampire Diaries is back from another one of its seasonal breaks this Thursday! It's a little bit farther off, but in the same vein, Mad Men returns on the 25th. It's the little things, folks.

Lauren Oliver's PANDEMONIUM is better than DELIRIUM, according to Phoebe North's review up at The Intergalactic Academy (and probably lots of other people's reviews, but hers is enough for me).
    The power of three is well known, so I'll stop with this trio of good news (but secretly I consider the picture above of the little boy a fourth reason to get happy. Just look at those eyes! And cheeks!) 

    For the razor blade crowd, the Cranky Divorcee will be making an appearance soon to commiserate.

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    1. Tarah, this post made my night! Seriously, you brought real tear prickles to my eyes. Thank you for your sweet words :) I'm so glad you enjoy my posts - I know one day soon I'll be congratulating YOU on your agent.

      Keep doing amazing things, you are made of SO MUCH AWESOME <3 <3 <3