Wednesday, May 30, 2012

YA Highway: Road Trip Wednesday #19

"Road  Trip  Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors  post a  weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be  answered.  In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination  and get  everybody's unique take on the topic." Today's question on the  YA  Highway Road Trip is:

What book and/or writing conference would you love to go to?

This question is particularly timely for me because I am going to BEA for the first time next week! The YA Highway conference theme posts have been giving me some good ideas. Take snacks, for example. I wouldn't have thought of snacks, which is surprising, because as a mom, I am always carrying snacks!

Maybe I should prepare for BEA like I prepare for an outing with my child: arm myself with food, drink, wipes and distractions to pass the time? As you may have gleaned, I'm very excited about going. Here's a list of some of the things that I'm most looking forward to, and the accompanying supplies:

1. Free books! Okay, glorying in the potential literary loot is a little tacky. But I love being in any place that's full of books, whether it's a library, bookstore, or a conference that's been described as "the Disneyland of Books." And being in a place full of books that people just want to give you? Heaven. 

I'm preparing for this exciting aspect of BEA by bringing tote bags. I have dozens of them. In my home, totes are the opposite of the universal disappearing sock. The bags multiple when left alone together in a closet. Let's hope they keep performing this trick at BEA, in case I run out of bags!

2. Taking pictures of everything and tweeting random reactions. Because if you're not documenting and tweeting it, it's not really happening, right?! 

3. Getting some of my favorite books signed by their authors. Although this makes me nervous, and arguably there's not much to the interaction--you push your book towards the Author, like the dozens before and after you, trying not to embarrass yourself--I'm so excited about it.

4. Going to the YA Teen Author Carnival (and similar social things). I'm bringing my lucky t-shirt. I may not wear it, but having it with me makes me happy!

5. Seeing the spectacle. I'm looking forward to just being a part of such a crazy, whirlwind, enormous gathering devoted to books.

I would be really, truly, pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top grateful if you could share your tips or thoughts about BEA! What would you suggest to do, bring or see?


  1. So, so envious! Hope you have a great time and get lots of books. :)

  2. Janet Reid went to BEA 2009 and 2010, and posted a day-by-day diary of what she saw and did. You might find that helpful--and possibly ramp up the excitement for you even more! Assuming you haven't checked them out already, her articles can be found here (2009) and here (2010). This sounds like a really great event--I would love to go sometime!

    1. Thanks so much Colin! I hadn't seen those before, and will definitely check them out.

  3. Don't touch anything. There are germs on everything!!

    1. What is that from?! And if it's not from something, should I be looking into a face mask? Rubber gloves? Hazmat suit? I need to know what level of germs to prepare for.

    2. haha It's not from anything, I'm just still traumatized from watching "Contagion". Definitely wear a hazmat suit or wrap yourself completely in saran wrap.